Charlie England

At the age of 24 Charlie finally decided to follow his passion for music. Throughout his life, he has dabbled with music production but never really went for it full time. Life had taken an unexpected turn and left Charlie without the ability to live an everyday life. Stuck at home bored and going out of his mind he needed something to concentrate on, something to bring him back into the real world.

From this moment he never looked back, he started perfecting the art of digital music production and joined forces with the likes of All Rise Productions and Radio Beacon. Making music was not the only passion in music Charlie has. He quickly realized like all producers do that getting your music is not easy at all. So, he started hosting a weekly radio show called "CE Weekly" which is dedicated to exposing unsigned and emerging musical talent with the genres of House/EDM. Now at the age of 26, he provides 4 radio shows all dedicated to promoting music. Working with 6 record labels slowly but surely he is starting to achieve what he set out to do. With new music on the way in various genres and the audio reactive video channel set to launch this year on Youtube, Charlie is not stopping yet!