Łapa AKA Jakub


Music was always a big part of Jakub's life. At the age of 13 he started playing the bass guitar. 2 years later he joined a Hard Rock band called Desum. Since then they have gone on to play numerous gigs and released their debut album. Wanting to spread his horizons and keep true to his love for electronic music £apa branched out to producing. He started crafting his songs but always kept them to himself. Last year he decided to show his passion to the community. Now at the age of 26, £apa joins All Rise Productions with the release of his glitch hop track called Groove On The Move.

"We welcome you to the team, Jakub! We are always happy to work with talented individuals like yourself. I was excited as soon as Charlie let me hear your music and even more so to learn you wanted to work with us! Great to have you on board. Oh, and sorry we couldn't use the accent in the page name and URL lol, the system wouldn't allow it, it would have made your URL"-Q 








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