Alternate Reality

by Q the Beat Boy

Released 2017
Released 2017
The first of a series of songs with the same feel and approach, keep if simple and edit the h**l out of it. I hope you like! #AllRise
"With this one, I took the approach I used to take when I was younger and was stuck using a drum machine with limited tracks and very few of them too. A lot of people don't know this but, the first drum machine that I actually owed was a Roland MC-303 GrooveBox which I loved and made some bangers on as well, but it was stolen...

As time went on, I just made the conversion to digital and started focusing my production on the PC & MAC. Sometimes I would use outboard equipment to create source material if needed and available to keep things familiar as I transitioned. At that time you had to use only a few sounds and then exaggerate them with editing and effects to make it seem like more than they are. I must say it was a fun time, but things are much more simple nowadays.

With this track, I just made a few simple patterns and headed to my mixer and editing tools. I laid out somewhat of a song structure, looking to edit it later and began adding effects like Glitch and GrossBeat to the individual tracks to give them more character and make them a bit more fun.

Once it was all said and done, I added a tag, mixed & mastered it and messed with some scratching here and there at the transitions and even on a synth which you hear throughout the song, but it wasn't enough. This is when I added the keys, and here is a trick that I used to make them sound that way. I first created the simple version of the key pattern by playing the entire song and then setting up GrossBeat on its mixer track. I then came back and listened like a billion times LVBS and then hit record, recording and replacing the keys while GrossBeat was active and set up, causing what you hear in the track as the "Lead Keys Freestyle.

I really hope you enjoy!!!"-Q The Beat Boy