Buss a Groove

by Q The Beat Boy

Released 2015
Released 2015
Versatile Geek and Producer with a passion for music and nothing else better to do...
Music is my life! For as long as I can remember I have been writing, producing, recording and working towards my own studio set up. Thanks to Darryl Thomas, as early as 6 or 7 years old I started to learn how to play percussion instruments. He then started to show me how to record and began taking me around the bands he payed with. Soon I would be attending the band's shows and studio sessions also learning from behind the scenes how everything works. Eventually I started to create my own music and from there my path was set in stone.

By the time I finished eighth grade I had recorded a few tracks of my own and even got my first drum machine. That Roland 303 Groove box set off a chain of events that would lead me where I am today. I met a lot of my friends because of that machine and even sold my first beat using it. Over the years I started to use digital production along side of analog and over time I migrated to pure digital. After years went by creating digital music I began to feel like I had boxed myself in and on top of that I felt as if my work and skill needed to improved not to mention, I wanted to work with everyone but no one wanted to work with me so it was a level of motivational loss for lack of other words.

So while time passed, I continued to produce beats here and there and recorded a bunch of songs that turned out great but the sound quality was bothering me so still I did not move forward with what I was doing. I did however study my craft the entire time not realizing that I had learned so much I didn't really need to work with other people to make the music I wanted. Once It dawned on me that I had learned everything up to the mixing and mastering point I took on the task of learning that too. Along the way I also started to learn the guitar, keep in mind this is mostly all self taught and I think I got it.

Once I started to feel that way I started to venture out and try to make different genres and styles because I was set in Rap and Hip Hop. R&B was first but was always a part of what I did so it was a bit easy to add it to my skill set but then I said to myself " I want to make something funky, that makes people move, feel good music that people can also relate to" and I set out on the journey of making it happen.

Today, I am capable of producing in multiple genres, playing multiple instruments by ear, writing, engineering and many other things. I have also got to the point where I am confident in my music and its quality which was one of my bigger problems before. Now I am ready to take that chance and present my music to the world to be heard, see what happens. Here We Go!