Just Cause

by Q The Beat Boy & Haze Blazemore

Released 2016
All Rise Productions
Released 2016
All Rise Productions
With around 40 years experience collectively, we try to be as versatile as possible. While primarily Rap/Hip hop/R&B producers, we tend to venture out, we love all music. This time we chose to try out the EDM world and had a blast with it.
Special Thanks To Darryl Thomas & Marquis Johnson

Well, All Rise Productions is a long over due joint venture between to really good friends who have know each other for years.
Around the age of 13-14 Q The Beat Boy and Haze Blazemore, born and raised in Milwaukee, were introduced by mutual friends. Both naturally had a love for music but when they got a taste of making it they never looked back. While Q had a Roland 303 groove box already, Haze grabbed a PlayStation game that allowed him to make beats on his gaming system which is nuts already in itself but he was really good with it too. As time progressed they both migrated to FL Studio to do their production. Although they both made beats, they really never spent much time working together on the beats themselves... Q however did record songs to Haze's Beats religiously. In fact, Q has recorded more songs to Haze's beats than his own to date.

Years go by and they both are simply getting better and better at their crafts, Haze mostly doing outstanding rap, trap and hip hop productions, Q mostly doing simple patterns and things revolving around engineering and writing/recording some pretty nice songs, even learning the guitar a bit. Finally, the seed was planted that the two producers should come together, because as proven over time, the few events where they actually did put hands on the same beat had amazing results, every time. So, talks began and the ball was at least put in place but the two had yet to get the it rolling.

A short time after they both agreed it was time to get to work, Q being the geek he himself will tell you he is, decided to set up some geek stuff on both of their computers allowing them to remotely work on tracks together from anywhere considering they now lived in different counties. They have always had beats but now there are no hurdles for the two to work together, now they just needed to perfect their sound. So while haze kept pumping out the beats relentlessly and doing his family thing, Q took a break and started looking at the art of mixing and mastering so they could jump another hurdle. With the help of good friend MJ, they got a Landr account for online mastering. Q & Haze used this account to study how their masters turned out and what they were doing right or wrong in their mixes. Even though both Q & Haze had plenty of experience of making their beats sound as good as they can, they needed to learn how to apply a professional touch and with the help of MJ, YouTube, Landr and various other sources, they did exactly that. What Q learned he passed on to Haze, Haze then took it and studied it when he had time to and vise versa.

Now, Q & Haze simply log into each other's computers and work on tracks or grab tracks to work on and when they are done they are ready to go out the door. Together they make an amazing production team and they are always open for discussion about working with other artists. Today, they spend time working on expanding their reach into other genres outside of their primary areas. They both agree that working on some of the other genres are a ton of fun. The project released on the date as this article happens to be EDM and they both explained that it refreshing to play with the different ways each genre works. Although you probably wont see a Q & Haze Country album, they stress that it is a goal of theirs to release projects in a wide range of genres that would shock their typical audience, while mentioning that Q had already started a project with an old school dance feel but put it on hold because Haze wanted in on the action (so look for that in the near future as well). Spoiler, they mentioned the words jazzy, smooth, singers, hard, crazy, more dance and did not direct them towards any individual projects. Sounds to me like they have a gang of music planned.

So as of present time, the two have jumped a bunch of road blocks and made progress together in ways they both believe would either not have happened or would have took forever to make individually. As they always say, two minds are greater than one and they are living proof of this. If you have read this far I hope that you will take the time to watch as they grow together as a production team and company.