Thief Da High Priest

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Thief Da High Priest is an original, pioneering underground rap artist with over 30 years in the game. Prominently featuring a West Coast sound, but his music also contains many diverse elements from Funk, R & B, Rock & Alternative genres. Thief writes & records all of his own music. He also sings his own hooks.With his online catalog of 250 songs, he has over one million plays & views. Endless creator of clever lyrics, song arrangements, & melodies, Thief Da High Priest is a rapper who stands apart from the masses with his own unique musical vision.




"We have been working with Thief for years just never did anything official, just collabs here and there. Now, Thief has made the decision not only to work with #AllRise OFFICIALLY, he has also joined the team and we welcome him with open arms. Welcome aboard Fam!!!"- Q